Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 4000 provides the best balance of high standards, stability, capabilities, low cost plus high value and endures as one of the most popular inversion tables currently on the market. If you want to understand whether an inversion table can benefit you with your particular concerns then read on.
You could be astonished at how many beneficial results men and women have actually claimed because of inversion therapy. Inversion tables are usually associated with back pain relief yet did you realize they can also help with pressure head aches and weak blood circulation?

Keep in mind that not everybody will get the same gains so you have to experiment with it for yourself to see how it will work for you. Still, anything that has remained in use for a hundreds of years, as inversion therapy has. has to represent something of worth to many.

Additional problems people have received relief from by using an inversion table include pinched nerves, sore joints, poor posture and stiffness.

Inversion increases blood flow to the brain and can help improve blood circulation and flow generally. Improved blood circulation may contribute to further health gains such as an enhanced sense of well-being, acute mental clarity as well as a more relaxed, calm state of mind. Some claim it has softened the look and lessened the discomfort of varicose veins.

People who have used inversion table therapy over time have experienced superior posture, better balance and even modest increases in height – up to an inch or more. It can also help the protect against the general shrinking effects of gravity as we age. Inversion also helps keep the internal organs in correct position and helps the organs themselves to lessen the deteriorating effects of aging.

In conjunction with generally reduced anxiety, users have experienced better skin tone and claim their hair looks and feels healthier. Other sources suggest that by increasing blood flow to hair follicles, extended use of inversion tables can help lessen hair loss as thinning hair can result from inadequate blood flow to the hair follicles.

In my investigations I’ve even heard claims that employing an inversion table can reduce the occurrence of cellulite by assisting the circulation of lymphatic fluids to the lymph nodes. Improving the circulation of lymph in zones prone to cellulite, coupled with eliminating toxins in the body, has been demonstrated to successfully diminish cellulite.

Further analysis, however, raises some question whether inversion alone can actually serve to help circulate lymph fluid. The lymph fluid depends on muscle contraction, physical exertion or massage to move it from the tissues toward the bloodstream. Hanging upside down with no downward pressure on the spine, nevertheless, might be a wonderful time to do some crunches and get the lymph moving on your own.

I personally know men and women who have drastically reduced the number of trips they make to their chiropractic doctor by spending a few minutes on their inversion table a number of times a week. This happened to me.

Now you realize how many benefits can be gotten through inversion therapy. So just think of hanging upside down for a few minutes, weight completely off your feet, countering the compressing effects of the day. Try this very healthy new twist on hanging yourself.